Jewelry Designer for the Modern Woman

About Andrea:

I have always made things. Like most of my fellow Etsians, I need to create. It is what makes me happiest in this world. Of course, it started with playdough, then ceramics, on to plaster and wood and then finally metal. Metal was The One. I love the permanence of it. And I love the small object, the little pocket treasure, the wearable minisculpture. There was some sort of world shaking idealism that kept me from letting myself be merely a manipulator of small objects and so I dabbled in professional pursuits, but there is no escaping the person you were meant to be.

And so I have happily succumbed to the creation of small treasures, whiling away the hours in sawing, filing, sanding, polishing, soldering, hammering; all with a little smile of perfect happiness. I am now a full time jeweler.

I am youngish. I am well educated. I am an elegant hippie. I don't want to be rich or famous. I live in Brooklyn with my husband, a baby girl, a brown dog, and a grey parrot. Life is good.

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